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13 July 2011 @ 01:00 pm
my new obssession : MORTAL INSTRUMENTS  

i just finished all 1st MORTAL INSTRUMENT + INFERNAL DEVICES - Clockwork Angel, and have to say : AWESOME SERIES!

Thriller, action, horror, fantasy, humor, and romantic, all in one and blended in a smart way and nicely done. 4 thumbs up for cassie clare, since mortal instrument is her first series ever and reach best seller all the volumes =D


i haven't seriously read this one, so i plan to re-read it after i finish some of unread novels at my shelf =x, but hopefully i got the point

It all began when Clarrisa Fray (or famous as just Clary) and her boy-best-friend Simon Lewis (it's funny, Clare keep Simon's family name secret, and you can read it at City of Glass deleted scene. i spoiled it here,haha), visited Pandemonium Club (and this club also appears at Infernal Devices) to hit the night, and she happened to see 3 people gang up on a boy, even killed him in one stab. but strangely that boy is vanishing instead left the dead body.
Those 3, Alec & Isabelle Lightwood, and Jace Wayland, introduced theirselves as Shadow-Hunter or Nephilim, Half Human Half Angel, and their job is to protect this world from Devils. Jace realized that Clary isn't full a common girl, because not like Simon who can't see the trio at that place, Clary has a SIGHT can see them even in a 'veil' which prevent human being to see the Nephilim.

Clary who is raised by artistic, logically and realistic mom (her name is Jocelyn Fray) didn't believe and cared about it. But after her mom vanishing and she found a demon destroyed her house, accompanied by Simon she started to found the truth about her parents, her uncle-like-dad, Luke, and herself identities,and enters the world full with angels, nephilims and dark creatures like vampires, warlocks, fairies, werewolves ; and their eternal enemy, Valentine (it's sweet how the villain have a 'romantic' name xD).

Of course there's some chemistries, Clary between 2 boys that attract her, Simon, his long lasting best friend who always there for her and Jace, blonde-beauty-angelic face with bad attitude, but caring her too much. And also when she start to like Jace, she find the truth that Jace actually her....

Blam! just read it yourself xD

gonna add the rest summary soon =p

The plus points of TMI is, the character.
The protagonist aren't that 'perfect', even the Nephilim which is half angel, they act more human. Also Clary is a strong and smart girl. She's a girl, small, weak, in outer performance, but carry a big power.
and for boys, i still can't choose between Simon or Jace. They are too lovable, seriously. Simon maybe more heartwarming and understanding (he is a nerd, anime otaku, glasses boy, and COOLER after he becomes a vampire, oops, spoilers xD) but Jace is an attractive bad boy type <3333 jerk, stingy, cynical jokes, daring, but cute in his own way and loves Clary so much. and Clary is also strong and smart heroine type, not a love-blind (well maybe she 'used' Simon to forget Jace, but yeah, it does not a bother, if you compare with Edward-Bella-Jacob (does not mean to comparing, i love twilight too, and team Jacob =D)
what makes it different is also Clare put male x male relationship, Magnus and Alec, and that's surprisingly cute xD (not because i start to concern on yaoi genre this lately...well, okay i confess,maybe that's one of many factors /perv/). Alec is naturally gay, but Clare explained Magnus as Bi and adore certain beauties (Magnus dated woman many times, such as Camille), so it's find for him, male or female as long as they have beauties Magnus liked =) *cheering for this couple*

Very excited to the movie. i hope it will be a box office, cause this series worth it ;D
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